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Social Media Marketing
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
Google Marketing
Google Ads: Display, Search, Video Google Business: SEO, Maps, Photos, 360
Your story through all of the local media
Web Design
Your showcase must be attractive, we take care of it!
Mobile App Development
Your unique digital presence, we take care of it!
Graphic Design
Logos, flyers, posters ... content creation continuously.
Content Media
Your own copy, photos and videos for your content.

Google Ads campaigns

Google is the key to digital success. Through the channels of Google Ads (Google Display Network, Paid Search and Paid Video ads on Youtube) your content and brand can be everywhere!

Community Management

Developing and running an interactive community of customers on social networks is not easy. It's a long-term job that requires effort and time. If you have tried before, it necessarily speaks to you.


We will evaluate and optimize the content of your site and your social networks to promote their SEO on Google. Several actions are also expected to go back to the top of the search results.

Viber & SMS marketing

Reach direct to your clients and get the highest CTR (average 9.6%) and engagement with this channels.


Social networks and new ways of sharing information and opinions have changed the buying decision process. Before buying a product, we seek validation. If the youtuber or instagramer that we follow gives a favorable opinion of the product, we are comfortable with the purchase. These people are called Influencers and partnerships are possible.

Facebook campaigns

Facebook has the best ROI and KPI’s! It has a powerful marketing platform that allows precise targeting of customers, maximizing the return on your marketing budget. Your ads can be through all of the Facebook channels like: Facebook feed, Instagram feed, Instagram story, Messenger, Audience Network, Marketplace, In-Videos.